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Every day, mobile phones cover a wider range of our needs and it is normal that you need to consult a mobile comparator every time you go to buy a new one. At Shoptize we have compiled the best brands at the best prices, so that you can compare the models and decide on the one that best suits you. Apply the filters according to your needs and you will find the most suitable brands for you, but if you want to have a general idea about what to look for, we will tell you the basic factors if you want to buy cheap and good mobile phones:

For whom it is

This is a fundamental question, since each person has different priorities and each mobile must fulfill them perfectly.

If you only want to make calls with your mobile and you live on the fringes of social networks, we recommend that you choose some of the cheapest mobiles that you will find in Shoptize. Simple, easy-to-use models that prioritize speed dials, number display, and audio levels first. Hammer, Ora or Lexibook are the brands most focused on this type of audience.

If, on the contrary, you are a lover of technology and are quite fluent in its use, we recommend you get a good smartphone capable of giving you an optimal service every time you need it. Although within these there are different ranges, you should look at the capacity of its memory and the power of its processor, as well as the technical features that they offer and that respond to your demands as a user. In Shoptize you will find an optimal mobile comparator that will help you make this decision.

How is the person who will use the mobile

The practical one: if you are one of those practical users who are clear about the features you need on your mobile, we want to tell you that there are different models for you. One of the most important is the mythical Blackberry or Google Pixel, which you will find at Shoptize at the best price and which have the right features to communicate, entertain and work anywhere.

The techie: if the most important thing for you is the brand, surely you have it very clear. If you are from iOS, you will go for an iPhone, if you are from Android, you will look for a Samsung. In Shoptize, in addition, we offer you the latest models at very competitive prices, including the different variables of color, memory capacity and much more. Apply the filters and find yours.

The rational one: you are looking for technology but you also want cheap and good mobiles. Bingo! Our most recommended brands are Xiaomi or Huawei, which are advancing by leaps and bounds to catch up with Apple and Samsung. High resolution cameras, internal memory, processor, image quality, impeccable design. A world of features that will captivate your senses from the first moment, and without affecting your pocket too much!

An all-encompassing mobile comparison

We know that you are looking for cheap and good phones and that we have them all for you, but you also need accessories that allow you to do wonders with your smartphone. For this reason, Shoptize does not only offer you a mobile phone comparator, but also a series of accessories such as augmented reality glasses, tripods, stabilizers, screen protectors and covers that will help you give that definitive touch to your mobile phone. Put us to the test and find what you need!