Low cut styles for ladies with round face ideas

Low cut styles for ladies with round face ideas


Keeping long hair can be tiring and can take a lot of time, effort, and money. Keeping long hair also comes with hair breakage, loss of front hair, and also a lot of rules of maintenance. Getting a low cut in this century has become a num because most African ladies want to look simple and at the same time hot and sexy. Below is the list of low cut styles for ladies with round face that can bring out that look.

Deciding to get low cut is one step, choosing the perfect low cut style is another job on its own. Many times we hear low cut does not fit ladies with round face because it brings out their chubby look so round face ladies tend to get skeptical about low cut because of this distinctive feature. These distinctive features, however, give a special, fabulous, and distinctive look when on the right haircut. Everyone can go on a low cut, you just need to find the one that fits you and your personality. Check out some ideas…

You can try cutting your hair low, without any shape or style. Then go ahead to add flavor by making use of activator cream to make your hair curl whenever you comb it. Also, the activator conditions your hair, so you do not have to be scared of the harshness of the hair. This is one of the easiest low cut styles that fit your simple personality.

To style your simple low cut is to add a short curve to one of the sides of the hair. Don’t forget to apply a jury curl cream that gives your low cut styles for ladies with round face hair the natural curly look. This style adds elegance to your looks.

The 3 Steps

Another way to style your short hair is what they call 3 steps. In achieving this style, the stylists cut the hair a little differently three times to give it a 3 step look. The upper part of the hair is longer and fuller than the middle part, while the back of the hair is the shortest and lowest. You can add style to this hair by putting a straight part at the side of the hair. You can let your stylist give you a nice shape of your edges.

One of the most trending low cut styles in Nigeria is dying your low cut. Dying your hair can improve your look and add something creative to your appearance. It simply makes you trend in the fashion world. The common colours are wine, gold, pink, purple, brown, and other bright colours. Dying of hair suits ladies with round face because it’s shift people’s attention from your distinctive face shape to your hair, and also it gives you a gorgeous and refreshing look.

For your elegant office look, this option of the low cut styles for ladies with round face would be perfect for you. Cut your hair low, not too low, use a straightener to flat thong the hair, use your styling gel to make the hair sleep, and keep it fit in one place. If you are scared that low cut will make you look small, you might want to try this, it gives you’re the boss look.


Use activator

It is no longer a piece of news that’s people who get low cut makes use of relaxer to relax their hair a little bit to get their desired style. While some prefer to use an activator to give their hair a baby hair look. If you are on natural hair and you decide to get a low cut, you can explore this style. 4C hair usually has this natural baby curl.


Some can call it Mohawk or faded Mohawk. This style is achieved by cutting the two sides of the hair low leaving the middle part high. Some can also give it another style by cutting the lower back low, leaving the middle and front part high. It gives ladies that wear this style a big look. In faded Mohawk style as one of the low cut styles for ladies with round face, your stylist can use the low sided to cut different shapes or just a simple straight line to the back.

Cute curl low cut

To achieve this style, cut your hair a little bit low but not too low, you should be able to use medium size comb to comb it. Apply activator for natural hair or blow your hair with a little relaxer and apply Jerry curl. Go ahead to style your hair, anyhow you want it, and bring out the edges with your edge control. You can also add a little bit of a distinctive look by adding a straight or slightly curve pattern.

A good and creative stylist can get these styles done beyond your imagination.