Acer or Asus - Which brand is better?

Acer or Asus - Which brand is better?


How does Asus beat Acer?

Higher component quality at Asus

When you buy an Asus computer, you can be sure that you will get quality components for a fair price. High-end computers such as the ROG series offer ninth-generation i7 processors. Furthermore, its RTX 2080 graphics cards are not far behind. They are capable of satisfying any gamer.

Both the ZenBook Pro Duo and the Asus VivoBook, despite being oriented to less demanding tasks, have graphics cards capable of offering very good performance, they stand out; GTX 1080 or GTX 1050, among others.

Top design at Asus

While Acer is a company that is constantly taking risks when it comes to innovation, Asus' designs receive better reviews, even as these designs make their laptops more expensive.

Its rugged and robust designs make the brand stand out from the competition. Also, Asus offers more effective cooling systems overall. The brand received several awards, such as the Computex Awards 2018, for the designs of series such as Rog and ZenBook Pro. Are you still in doubt between Acer or Asus?

Today we face the two biggest laptop brands, Acer and Asus. Both brands have had a significant presence in the market since the late 1990s. They have similarities, such as the use of the Windows operating system, turning the strengths of one into the weaknesses of the other.

Do you want your next purchase to be a success but can't decide between Acer or Asus? Read on and discover which of the two brands is the most appropriate for your needs and budget.

In what ways is Acer better than Asus?

Greater storage and innovative spirit at Acer

Let's start with storage . The difference here is notable, while Acer's hard drives can reach up to 500GB of memory, Asus only manages 320GB.

Something that is celebrated a lot is its innovative nature . We could say that while Asus tends to emphasize more on design elegance, Acer cares about comfort. An example of this may be their Swift series of laptops. With this, he managed to integrate a 15.6-inch screen and a 0.35-inch frame, in a computer that weighs only 900 grams.

Acer was also a pioneer in offering gaming computers that were not heavy and could be transported comfortably.

Another innovation that we must highlight was the LiquidLoop system . The latter consists of cooling dispensed with by a fan. Proving very effective for computers that can heat up quickly,

The truth is that in terms of innovation there is no doubt between Acer or Asus.

Better customer service from Acer

Customer service, over the phone, is another point that is often valued by Acer. The brand, in addition to having the expected live chats, or help lines on social networks, has tutorials on its YouTube channel where it is explained step by step how to solve the most common problems. As if that were not enough, when you become an Acer user you can receive help from the virtual community.

Another point that we must emphasize about how Acer takes care of its users is that although many of its computers have one-year warranties, some of the superior models reach up to 3 years.

On the other hand, Asus is often criticized for offering poor customer service over the phone. The same does not happen with contact through the web, since it works fluently.

Regarding the guarantees at Asus, they are not as generous as their rival, the maximum is usually one year, not covering all accidental damages. If the warranty is a priority and you are in doubt which is better, Acer or Asus, choosing the former would be the most rational.

As we can see, both have their flaws and advantages. What we can recommend is that if you plan to use your laptop to play video games, Acer is your thing. On the other hand, if your goal is to use it for tasks in the workplace, the best option is Asus. Remember the best deals from Acer or Asus are only found at Shoptize.