Chromecast 2 Vs 3, Which is the best option?

Chromecast 2 Vs 3, Which is the best option?


The word "smart" is ubiquitous in technology products that set the pace on the market. And, in the absence of this feature, there are devices called HDMI dongles, whose function is to convert the televisions to which they can be connected into a kind of Smart TV.

Google sets the pace with these devices and two of them will star in the new Shoptize blog post: Chromecast 2 Vs 3, How are they different? Which is the best option? If you are curious to know how this new accessory works, there is a great learning opportunity before you.

How does Chromecast teacher 2 outperform student 3?

The Chromecast 2 offers the same design

The oldest of the two can be found on the market for half the price of its rival, the latter because it has been on the market longer. That said, if you have a tight budget, this difference is very important.

As there are things that do not change from one to another, you have to put them in favor of the second generation model. One of them is design. The only difference we find in it, compared to the one offered by its rival, is the matte finish and the location of a G in the circular dial to the detriment of the Chrome logo. At the moment equality reigns in this Chromecast 2 Vs 3 stake.

Chromecast 2 is available in more colors and offers the same use

That's right, the Chromecast 2 can be found in the colors: black, lemon, and coral. In contrast, its successor is only marketed in black and white. Finally, the operation has not changed since the commands are activated through the mobile, the Wi-Fi dual band support and the 802.11 b / g / n / ac standards are used.

In which aspects is the Chromecast 3 Vs 2 better?

The Chromecast 3 offers higher video quality and has support for Home

According to the tech giant that brought it to market, the hardware of the third-generation product is 15% faster than those of the second. The most obvious consequence of this advance is the ability of the Chromecast 3 to play videos in 1080p format at a rate of 60 frames per second, whereas before the user had to settle for half (30 fps).

As if that were not enough, the Chromecast 3 also allows it to be controlled by voice through a support for Home, a possibility that was not contemplated in the Chromecast 2.

The Chromecast 3 part of the most advanced OS

The last member to arrive in the family starts with versions of Android and iPhone more modern than its older brother: in the first case it does so with version 4.4 onwards and with iOS from 9.1. By cons. Given its longest stay, the 2 makes it from 4.1 and iOS 7.

Now, without further ado, the time has come to discover the winner of the Chromecast 2 Vs 3 duel.

What is our final verdict?

The visual difference between them is sufficient argument to award the victory to Chromecast 3. However, if the economic aspect and the properties they have in common, such as connectivity, are prioritized, the 2 is undoubtedly the most suitable.

This new Shoptize blog post has come to an end and we hope it has been of great help to those of you who choose our site to find out about the products you need or want to buy. Remember that all the models mentioned in the Chromecast 2 Vs 3 duel can be found on our website at incredible prices, why deprive yourself of the best technology?