Nano Cell Vs QLED, Which one is the best technology?

Nano Cell Vs QLED, Which one is the best technology?


When we sit on the sofa, in the armchair or on the bed in the bedroom to watch television, we always want to enjoy the best image quality. Lighting plays a fundamental role in that purpose, and two of its newest technologies will take center stage in this Shoptize blog post.

Nano Cell Vs QLED, LG vs Samsung, which is better? What advantages does one get from the other? If you are curious to know, it is best to keep reading and get rid of it with a stroke of the pen.

How does Nano Cell beat QLED?

With Nano Cell technology, color is invariable with different viewing angles

Regardless of where and how the user is positioned when watching their favorite series or movie, the appearance of the color with Nano Cell illumination does not change at all. On the other hand, the image and the color vibrancy are diminished as there is a tilt in the angle of view in QLEDs.

This is the result of the good use of artificial intelligence by your brand, so that its nanoparticle layer filters colors based on the image.

Nano Cell offers better representation of blacks

One of the shortcomings that QLED presents with respect to its predecessor OLED and other types of technology is the representation they offer of black tones, also caused by the alteration suffered by the properties of the image with different perspectives.

Of this, it goes without saying, the LG patent is used to offer more purity in the darkest colors. Second goal in his favor in this Nano Cell Vs QLED duel.

And in what ways is QLED better?

QLED technology offers better contrast and greater energy efficiency

The separate activation of the pixels that make up its panels means that QLED technology can boast of better contrast and optimized energy consumption. The latter is appreciated when receiving the electricity bill each month.

QLED technology offers easier installation.

Installing a QLED television is easier than one that has Nano Cell, since it only consists of a socket for the light and a very discreet optical cable . This cable does not obstruct or obstruct the routing of other cables for different devices, such as a game console or a Home Cinema.

Maximum equality in the stake of Nano Cell Vs QLED, which one deserves the victory?

What is our final verdict?

The best use of RGB colors, as well as their adaptation to the conditions of what the viewer is going to see, make Nano Cell technology worthy of victory. However, if you have less space for the installation of a television, QLEDs are a real success.

So far the duel of Nano Cell Vs QLED has come, from Shoptize we sincerely hope that it has served to guide a potential purchase and resolve doubts. Remember that the best models, with these two technological modalities, are at the best price on our website.Enjoy like never at home and for very little!