Nike Vs Adidas, which brand is better?

Nike Vs Adidas, which brand is better?


They are the most popular sports brands, there is no person on the planet who has not ever owned a product from one of them. Nike or Adidas? That is the question that will be addressed in the next few lines.

The important role that sport has in society and the emergence of these firms in street fashion makes this comparison of the kings of their field interesting. For this specific text, we are going to focus on the footwear products they offer, both for running and for walking.

Regardless of the opinion expressed in the final verdict, what has to prevail in the user's purchase decision is the comfort and adaptability to their foot that the shoes offer. After all, in both there are real marvels aesthetically speaking. The materials used and their benefits in terms of breathability and comfort will make the difference

Without further ado, here is the comparison of Nike or Adidas in terms of sneakers, so you know what benefits one and the other bring to the user from their shoe lines.

How does Nike beat Adidas?


In the sporting aspect of performance, the North American firm prevails in this face to face thanks to the use of lighter materials and features that propel the runner forward: its Zoomx technology acts as a catapult so that the user feels greater speed during the race. duration of the activity

For its part, the Ultraboost technology used by the German brand has a slightly higher weight than its competitor, which may have a negative impact on the parameter that is being shelled.


Nike street footwear includes holes in the toe cap in many of its products to provide the user with greater breathability, reason enough to score the second point in this Nike or Adidas comparison. For its part, Adidas presents a round toe padding more focused on comfort than on foot hygiene in models of its lines of dress shoes.

In what ways is Adidas Vs Nike better?

Damping technology

The Ultraboost technology developed by the Adi Dassler firm provides unparalleled comfort to the runner thanks to its foam midsole made up of granulated polyurethane “balls”, a surface that provides a great return of energy in each stride and a design in the shape of tip that makes it possible.

With regard to the Oregon firm, the latest novelty in this area is called React and its presence on the surface of the shoe is not as noticeable as that of its competitor, so it does not provide as much comfort to the runner, although it does gives you more energy after each stride. Point for Adidas in this comparison of Nike or Adidas.

Price quality

On average, the footwear products of the brand of the three bars tend to be sold at a lower price than those of its eternal rival. To get an idea, some Adidas street shoes can be purchased for around €30, while a Nike product to cover the same need can have a price that ranges between €30 and €35 .

Orienting the analysis to the sports field, the European brand sells shoes for around €35 and €40, while the Just do it firm raises prices to around €40 and €50 .

What is our final verdict?

Due to the good relationship between comfort and performance it offers, as well as the emphasis it places on foot hygiene through breathability, Nike wins this comparison.

However, each user is different and if they are satisfied and adapted to what one of the two brands offers them, that is the most important thing.