The best red wine, learn how to find it

The best red wine, learn how to find it


When talking about alcohol in the market, red wine is the healthiest of them all, because of the way it was processed. It contains some amount of vitamins and antioxidants which are not present in most alcohol. So far, red wine has proven to improve the network that delivers blood to the body’s tissues. Most people don’t know about this benefit aspect of red wine, else they will be drinking red wine more often than usual. Drinking a small quantity of red wine occasionally is better than not drinking at all. Wow! Surprised? You don’t need to, because when you drink more than you are supposed to, the advantages will be replaced with increased health risks. Most of the aromas found in red wine such as berry, herbs, jam, and cherry are from fermented grapes no other flavor is added. And don’t forget that the color of the red wine is determined by the grape skins and because the color comes from the grape skin and not the juice, you can also make white wine from red grapes. You can achieve this without contact with the grape skin almost all the best red wine comes from one species of grape.

The best options of red wine in the market:

Carlo Rossi

This is a sweet red wine with flavors that contains an alcohol volume of 12%. It is a regular wine at Nigerian weddings.

4th Street Red Wine

The sweetness from this light-bodied red wine is awesome, it's often recommended for any event because of its sweetness. The alcohol percentage is 7.5%.

Domino Del Rey wine

Domino Del Rey is a delicate and perfect companion for all kinds of meals. The alcohol content is 10.50%, it has a floral aroma with pleasant flavors.

Castillo Grande

This red wine is captivating, sweet with fruity flavors easy to drink, and


Frontera Red Wine

This wine has a deep ruby color. The wine is a light, dry, medium-bodied red wine with a 12% alcohol content.

Pinot Noir

This drink is often used by catholic monks for sacraments. It has a rich flavor with a soft velvet texture. It has proven to be the most demanding in the market.

Merlot Red Wine

This wine is said to be the oldest of all wines. It’s a wonderful wine that can age for decades or more. It has the best red wine flavors such as watermelon, strawberry, cherry, & plum.

How to choose the best option

Most times when you get to a wine shop to pick red wine, you get confused because of its versatility. Have a purpose and do not lose focus, red wine is the goal. But if you want to explore, you can get something different you haven't tried before.

  • Consider going for acidic red wine because it’s a perfect combo for your meal, especially if your food contains butter or fat, the acidity in the red wine won't accommodate the fat. Though wines that are high in acidity that has sweetness might taste less acidic.
  • Another thing to consider is the vintage of a wine, this means the year the grape was

harvested and the day the wine-making process started. Tasting the same wine from the same winemaker from a different vintage will help you know the difference in flavors from year to year. The vintage growth and harvesting can be affected by weather and natural disaster.

  • Consider the balance, you will know the best wine by its balance in all flavors.

It's fruity, earthy, and well structured. Also, the best red wine can be identified by its


The best brands in the market that you can give a try.

Line Shack winery has been classified as one of the best brands in the market, the best thing about this wine is the beauty of its elegant bottles. They are beautiful that each one of you would like to keep one of them with you. It's a great idea for a present to take to a birthday party or any special occasion. Its beauty is complemented by its delicious taste and can be perfectly combined with any food item.

Sextan Cabernet Sauvignon: The rich berry flavor this drink has is just too good that it is admired by people as a regular day drink too. This is also known to be the perfect wine to be in combination with meat of any kind be it pork, beef, mutton, or chicken. It can be best paired with anything. Due to all these mind-blowing qualities, it's still identified as one of the best brands in the market.

Montoya Cabernet: Wow! This is one of the most popular brands of red wine, the experience from this best red wine drink is rewarding because of its flavors of blackberry and plum. It has a medium ruby red color, a medium body with moderate tannins, and nice acidity.

Taking red wine can help you relax and unwind, it reduces the chances of developing depression, lowers the risk of liver disease when intake is not abused, and also promotes healthy eyes.

To preserve your wine make sure you store in a cool dry area, whether you are storing the wine for days, weeks, months, keep your wine in the dark away from sunlight. Because most times if left for sunlight, it can damage the aroma and flavors. So you should store your wine within 55ºF (13ºC) and make sure it's served chilled.