Best Patewo Hairstyles for kids and adults

Best Patewo Hairstyles for kids and adults


Patewo is an African name that belongs to the Yoruba culture of Nigeria. Patewo simply means clapping of hands or clap your hands. Relating patewo to hairstyle is another level of interpretation although quite similar, it means making the ends of your hair come together oppositely. You will notice that it will form the shape of clapping of hands. The patewo hairstyles are commonly referred to as Braided Mohawks in English. Mohawk as a hairstyle is where both sides are shaved leaving the hair in the middle long and usually styled to stand straight up. In braided Mohawk, the sides will not be shaved but rather weaved to come in the middle. In the early centuries, this hair is considered to fit only the children, but there are recent syles that can be styled on the adult that can be rocked on occasion without looking small or out of the league. Now, let me take you through the different hairstyles commonly known as Patewo.

Patewo: The different options you could try


This hairstyle is a form of Patewo style. This is done by dividing the hair into two equal parts and weave them from the left-hand side and the right-hand side to meet in the middle. The gallas part is that the hair in the middle will be weaved to the front, the remaining part will be tucked inside, thereby leaving no tip behind.

C shape patewo: This is similar to Gallas but the slight difference is that the hair is not divided into two equal parts, it is rather divided to bring out a letter C. If we are gonna talk about the patewo hairstyles, we must mention this type. it is weaved from left and right to meet and the middle is weaved up to show the letter C.

Flat twist patewo

Flat twist is one of the perfect hairstyles for every occasion that suits both the young and the old. It combines cornrow ( weaving) and a two-strand twist. This style involves intertwining two strands of hair on top of each other in a weaving manner and it is done on natural hair. Flat twist patewo is a style for ladies with natural hair that is, has not used a relaxer on their hair. This style can be taken to the office, parties, and seminar, it gives a natural, simple and confident look to those that wear it.

Two patewo

This style can be worn by both young and old. It is usually done as Ghana weaving with attachment. Some believe it tends to take time because of its tiny nature but the beauty it gives cannot be compared. This style is done by dividing the hair into two, weaving patewo into each side thereby making it two patewo. The tip is thereby rolled to make it look like a bob.

Patewo with curve

This is one of the patewo hairstyles that is loved by both children and adults. For children, it is done by leaving a small hair in the front of the head to do braids and doing patewo at the rear end. You can add beads to give it a nice finishing touch.

For adults, the style is the same with or without the use of beads. Note, there are adult beads that look so matured, you might want to try them out. An adult always does this style with attachment. Also, an adult with natural hair would prefer a flat twist patewo (the tip of the hair is weaved upward like gallas) with a curve without the use of beads.

Double or single rear Patewo with shuku upfront

This style is similar to two patewo and patewo with curve. The hairstylist, styles two patewo at the back leaving a small space in the front, but instead of curve in the front to do a braid, you will use it to shuku. Shuku is done by weaving the hair from all sides to meet in the middle. This style can be done by both children and adults, an adult would definitely love it when they do patewo hairstyles with attachment, you might wanna try ombre attachment of your choice.


This is one of the most reigning hairstyles that both young and old love. Men that make their hair also love to do this style. It gives a young and simple look. So, let’s give it a look. Fishbone is a special kind of patewo that some wouldn’t believe it is. As the name suggests, it is done using the same process as two patewo the difference however is that you will leave the tip of the two patewo undone. Then you weave the tip as one starting from the front all the way to the back using the Ghana weaving technique. Thereby giving it a two all-back look.

Didi Patewo with or without bead

Patewo can also be done with didi instead of cornrow (weaving). Didi is an ancient Yoruba hairstyle that is done to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair breakage. Didi is an inverted version of weaving, stylist usually stands opposite of the cornrow direction to achieve this. This style is the only style that looks good on children and not adults out of all the patewo hairstyles.

Every lady wants a nice hairstyle that can either tell a lot about who they are or who they wish to become or how they wish to be seen on any particular occasion. If your hairstyle says a lot about you, which hairstyle would you choose?