Samsung Galaxy A71 Vs S20, which is the best?

Samsung Galaxy A71 Vs S20, which is the best?


If the Samsung brand is characterized by something, it is by the wide range of large-screen mobiles that it offers us, with an unbeatable resolution and a performance similar to that of a tablet.

Now that it has launched two new high-end models, known as the Galaxy, to the market. At Shoptize we ask ourselves: which is the best? If you are also dying to know, stay with us and analyze the benefits of both in our duel of Samsung Galaxy A71 Vs S20. Only on Shoptize!

How does the Samsung Galaxy A71 beat the S20?

The main advantage that the new Samsung A71 model offers us over its rival is the camera. Capture more of your world thanks to the wider field of view of the camera Ultra wide angle. The 123-degree angle of view is similar to human eyesight, which means less panning when you get the perfect shot of any landscape.

Let's see what other advantages the new Samsung model brings us.

The Samsung A71 has a higher capacity battery

If the Samsung brand phones are characterized by something, it is by the large, maximum resolution screens. In the case of the A71 model, its 6'7 ”screen surpasses that of its rival, whose screen is 6'2”.

Another point that we must highlight about the A71 model is the 4,500mAh battery. It gives you the ability to stream , share content, and play your favorite games. As if that were not enough, when the battery begins to run out, you can connect it to the power and enjoy its 25W fast charge.

In addition, what we like the most about the new A71 is its advanced Octa-core processor and its 8GB RAM storage, these offer you efficient and hassle-free performance. You can download a large amount of content thanks to the 128GB of internal storage. As if that weren't enough, you can increase its storage by adding a microSD card of up to 512GB.

In which aspects is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Vs A71 better?

Discover the new Galaxy S20, with the revolutionary 8K quality video recording that changes the way of capturing images in both video and photography and, thanks to its 5G connection , it will also change the way of sharing content. Also, be amazed by its Samsung Knox system, a smart battery, a more powerful processor and large storage, which turn the Galaxy S20 series into a whole new world for mobile devices.

The Samsung S20 has a better camera and 5G connection

The s20's camera is the first thing to mention. Well beyond the 12 megapixel category, Galaxy S20 offers you more than millions of pixels in each photo. Which means that for the first time you can see details that you have never seen before. With 2.33% more megapixels on the main camera than its opponent (64MP & 12MP & 12MP vs 64 & 12 & 5 & 5MP), this model guarantees you professional results.

With a built-in 5G modem, the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone lets you download whatever you want in an instant and enjoy your favorite Netflix movies and shows and all your favorite multimedia content without interruptions: HyperFast With 5G, you can even upload and share at high speed.

Now the time has come to discover the winner of the Samsung Galaxy A71 Vs S20 duel.

What is our final verdict?

After evaluating the characteristics of both models, we have decided to give the first prize to the Galaxy S20 model. This model outperforms its rival in all its features: it has a better camera, a more powerful processor and a 5G connection.

While the Galaxy A71 model offers a 6.7-inch Infinity-O screen, which is symmetrically aligned, for many a smaller screen may be more manageable. As for its larger battery, this could be due to the fact that its processor is less powerful since it does not incorporate 5G connection

So far the duel of Samsung Galaxy A71 Vs S20 has arrived. Now is the time to enter Shoptize and look for the smartphone that you like the most to take it at a dream price.