Latest hairstyles for girls with short hair

Latest hairstyles for girls with short hair


Gone are those days where girls with short hair only do rubber thread hairstyles. Now, we have so many cool styles that can make almost everyone desire to have something like your hair.

There are two things to consider in choosing the perfect hairstyle, your face structure and your hair type. Your face structure includes long face, oval face, square face, round face, heart-shaped face, and diamond-shaped face. Before we go on, take a look at the mirror, try drawing out the shape of your face, looking at your hairline, width, and length of your face, and jawline. simple right?

Now, let’s continue, there are four major hair types: Type 1 is straight hair; type 2A, 2B, and 2C are wavy hair; type 3A, 3B, 3C are curly hair, and finally type 4A, 4B, 4C are coil hair. You might probably be thinking; how do you know the type of hair you have? This is pretty simple, loosen your hair, pour water on your hair, and take a picture of your hair. You might even discover that your hair carries one or two of these types.

Now that we know all these, let’s get started on the hairstyles for girls with short hair.


Anita Baker Hair cut

A common style among those that have short hair. It being easy to care for is another reason why you should try it out. It looks best on wavy thick hair (2B and 2C) but it can look good on straight hair too (type 1 and 2A). Lots of celebrities are rocking this hairstyle. It can be achieved by cutting the back of your hair shorter to the front hair, make use of a curl activator to bring out a wavy or curly look depending on your hair type.


This style goes with all hair types and faces shapes. With a good hairstylist, 4 series hair types can also rock this. If you are scared of losing your front hair, you might want to try Knotless braids. Knotless braids do not start with attachment but with your hair, so it does not give a chance to cut off your front hair. Wow! Right, try this and thank me later. Another amazing thing about braids is that the length of your hair does not matter, you can make it as long as you desire.

Short curls

This is one of the hairstyles for girls with short hair that is great for girls with hair type 3 and 4 series. Girls with this hair are called the natural gang. Girls cut their long hair to have these curls. It requires natural hair products to maintain. Girls with these natural short curls can literally style their hair in different styles and have it come out amazing.

Natural Twist

This is similar to short curl, twist your natural hair for a while and loosen (do not comb it out). Apply leave-in conditioner and style. This method works on all hair types. For type 3 and 4 series make use of a natural twist activator.

Net Gel

Hmmm! this is a dream hair, you would love to try out. This hair looks beautiful and can be easily maintained by girls with short hair. This is done by relaxing your hair, applying a lot of gel of your choice, tying a net to your hair, and gently pulling out the hair through the net. Dry your hair well, spray it and enjoy your shine. Trust me, you're gonna get people to wish they have short hair. This hair is for Hair type 1, and 2 series


Another one on hairstyles for girls with short hair. This style is for hair type 3 and 4 series and has been since the 1980s and till this time, a lot of people from diverse cultures still love it. This style does not take any stress, just comb out your hair in a circular form make sure to use a leave-in conditioner to keep the hair moisturized to avoid hair breakage.

Low cut with C cut

My people with low cut, here we are ooo. You need to add a little taste to your low cut. Try getting a C cut, you can add more flavour by dyeing it gold, blue, or wine depending on your choice. This one definitely shoke.

Crochet Extension

This is a conversational way of adding a hair extension and without the fear of hair breakage. Crochet comes in different sizes and styles and can be found in any hair shop around you. Crochet hair extension is done through your natural hair with a needle-type device made for this purpose can be styled into any look and it is an easy way to rock a new and updated hairdo and still protect your natural hair. This extension can be used for different hairstyles for girls with short hair and with different hair textures and face shapes. This is a simple way of making us fit with others with long hair


This is also known as weaving. It is done using the underhand technique and it looks great on all hair types. You use your natural hair or add an attachment, crochet braids, and you can use it to make different styles of your choice from all back, to shuku (cornrow ponytail) cornrow styles. This plait requires low maintenance or styling and can last for about 3 to 4 weeks. Brides can use it for their wedding hair also. It is easy to learn and you can do it yourself.


There are three major types of twist, two-strand twist, three-strand twist, and flat twist. These types of twists were named according to the underhand technique that is being used to achieve it. All types of hair can do two-strand twists while only 3 and 4 series looks very nice on three-strand twists and flat twists. Your short hair will definitely look nice on these styles.

Proper hair care and maintenance is important when taking into consideration all these hairstyles for girls with short hair because a well-maintained hair always looks nice and attractive.