Asus or HP, which brand is better?

Asus or HP, which brand is better?


Today, laptop brands are in constant competition, their features are increasingly matched, and choices can become difficult. If you are in doubt about buying an Asus or HP computer, you are in the right place. Today we will face two giants of the computer world so that at the end of the day you know which one best meets your needs.

We will talk about prices, specifications and even components. Asus Vs HP Who Will Win? Keep reading and you will know which is the best purchase option.

In what ways is Asus better than HP?

Asus presents the best designs

Asus, being a company that manufactures its own components, is always one step ahead in technological advances and innovative designs. The brand has come to receive awards thanks to the features that it includes in its designs that other brands did not have. A clear example are; ROG and ZenBook Pro were two series awarded for their design at the Computex Awards (2018).

In the case of ZenBook, it has a new ScreenPad that operates as a touch panel and interactive LCD screen. On the other hand, the line designed for video games has the Rog Zephyrus as its main workhorse. This caught the attention of the public for being one of the first portable computers that has a much lower weight than computers of the same style. Remember that if there is something that characterizes computers oriented to video games, it is that they are usually heavy models.

If you want a new design and you are in doubt which is better, Asus or HP, from Shoptize we recommend you opt for the first one.

Better prices on Asus

In this aspect, Asus will always be the winner. Being a brand that still continues to build its reputation, it does not fall into the game of charging its users more for the brand name. The latter is done by HP.

HP's models, specifically the high-end ones, have received numerous criticisms claiming that they should carry better components for the prices they demand. Here we see how the brand name sometimes becomes an added value that is a deceptive move for the user.

On the other hand, with Asus you can be calm, regarding what you take home. There are no added expenses for invisible benefits. Asus, being an inexpensive brand, offers very good quality components at a very good price.

Some of the components that we can find in their computers are: NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, Intel processors, Screenpad , LED screens, SonicMaster Audio, among others. Its quality and its fair price is what has made it become a multinational company that operates globally.

There are even brands that use the components manufactured by Asus, in case you had any doubts in choosing between Asus or HP, quality and price come together in Asus.

How does HP beat Asus?

HP is a better choice for video game fans

While it is true that Asus has a line oriented to this end, HP is strong in the market for gaming computers thanks to its components.

When you buy an HP computer, you can be sure, whatever the range, that it will be accompanied by AMD and Intel HD processors.

Another point to note is that the batteries, which are important to be powerful, tend to offer a higher autonomy than those of Asus, reaching up to 12 hours.

HP Omen computers are a clear example of the above, ideal for more advanced video games. On the other hand, if you want a computer to work with Asus, you will probably have a more than enough answer. Anyway, if you are a video game fan and you are in doubt which is better, Asus or HP, the North American option is probably the correct one.

HP has a better customer service system

HP doesn't just have an online chat service on its social networks ready to help. But it also provides a page that encompasses its user community where problems are shared and one can get the answer faster.

Also, in case you have to return your machine to get it repaired l a company through the warranty covers shipping costs for one year.

As for Asus, while its warranties are very good, online and telephone customer service has received harsh criticism. The brand's website is not user-friendly, it is difficult to navigate, and the steps to sign up and get help are lengthy.

They were also criticized for charging for repairs that were initially covered. Therefore, there is no doubt about Asus or HP, the round of customer assistance is in the hands of HP.

Although both brands have very striking features, the truth is that if you are looking for a computer to work with and you are in doubt which is better, Asus or HP, you will probably be more than satisfied with the Asus models due to their fantastic prices.

Ultimately, whatever your goal, to work or to enjoy video games, both brands are at your fingertips at Shoptize. Above all, the best of all is that they are at dream prices just a click away.