LG or Samsung TV - Which is better?

LG or Samsung TV - Which is better?


Are you thinking of buying a Smart TV but can't decide? You can now watch your favorite series, movies or video games with the best quality and at the best price with our answer section that will remove all your doubts. Today in Shoptize we will face the two most demanded South Korean Smart TV brands so that at the end of the guide you will know which is the correct purchase option.

LG or Samsung TV? Read on and discover which one you can get the most out of.

In what ways does the LG Smart TV beat Samsung?

LG's WebOS presents greater ease of use

The operating system present in LG Smart TVs presents a superior design. By this we mean that it is easier to use than its rival. Its consistent design and easy to interpret, thanks to the Magic Control launch bar, makes it easy for both adults and children. The WebOS is intended for all members of the family.

Some of the functions that you can carry out in this system are; the recording of television content and the possibility of connecting to the internet while viewing content from your mobile phone thanks to the Smartshare function. You can even control the Smart TV from your mobile.

Not only is it faster and more efficient than the one offered by Samsung, but it also offers better protection against cyber attacks. From this last point, Samsung has received a lot of criticism regarding its operating system.

In short, if you are looking for a quality operating system that can also be used by the little ones in the house and you are in doubt which is better, an LG or Samsung TV, the LG option will be the most appropriate.

LG OLED technology

While OLED technology makes LG's options more expensive than its rival, we must explain its strengths. It is currently considered the best in terms of image quality and color rendering. It is true that in contrast and brightness Samsung surpasses it with its QLED.

In short, the brightness is top in Samsung's offering. But on the other hand, the reproduction of black colors is superior in OLED TVs. Anyway, to be well informed and know what technology to choose. It should be taken into account that the pixels wear out more easily and require greater care on the part of the user. A basic fact when it comes to avoiding the generation of brands.

In what ways are Samsung Smart TVs better?

Samsung QLED technology

Although both technologies present their strengths and weaknesses. The truth is that QLED technology is one of the factors that allows Samsung to offer lower prices than its rival.

Samsung adds to the LED panels a technology that the brand itself called QLED. In terms of brightness and contrast, QLED technology surpasses that offered by LG, thus answering the question LG or Samsung TV. Since, it offers an enviable high dynamic range HDR image reproduction technology, which is not offered by LG Smart TVs.

Also thanks to the technology of the Quantum Dots, the Samsung proposal offers a very good reproduction of black colors and a color gamut that will not give rise to complaints.

Unbeatable value for money at Samsung

If there is something that characterizes this brand, it is its value for money. Samsung Smart TVs have lower prices without losing sight of the quality of their components. This is one of the reasons why Samsung is a global favorite. Both its mid-range and high-end Smart TVs have affordable prices so that your pocket does not prevent you from enjoying quality technology.

What is our final verdict?

The truth is that if we talk about Smart TVs, Samsung and LG are the first to appear in our minds. We have explained both technologies (OLED and QLED) so that you are able to distinguish their strengths and weaknesses. The truth is that the QLED allows a cheaper price having a better brightness and contrast.

One thing we must be clear about, if you are in the position of a tight budget and you are in doubt of an LG or Samsung TV, the second is always yours. It is difficult to match the price and quality being one of the brands best valued by buyers. We bet on the Samsung Smart TV.