Amazfit BIP Vs Mi Band 4, which is the best?

Amazfit BIP Vs Mi Band 4, which is the best?


The latest generation heart rate monitor brands, Amazon and Xiaomi, have launched their last two models. At Shoptize we wonder which of them is the best best, if you also want to find out, stay to compare the characteristics and benefits of both models of pulsometers in our duel of Amazfit BIP Vs Mi Band. Don't settle for second best. Only on Shoptize!

In what ways does the Amazfit BIP heart rate monitor beat the Mi band 4?

Amazon never ceases to amaze us with its commitment to the latest generation technology and high-end features in its heart rate monitors and smartwatches. Which offer prices for all budgets. Now the Amazfit BIP with autonomy of up to 45 days, the longest on the market. It has a dual-mode positioning, GPS + GLONASS, to monitor all your routes. In addition to a heart rate monitor and a light weight of only 32 grams, so you can always wear it.

The Amazfit BIP heart rate monitor has a greater autonomy and a better GPS

The Amazfit BIP heart rate monitor incorporates a low consumption 28 nanometer GPS chip. It adopts the positioning method of Dual mode, GPS + GLONASS, to search for satellite signals quickly and accurately. Thanks to this, you can search for routes or program them yourself with the assurance that Amazfit will take you on the best path.

If you keep this GPS function on throughout the tour, the autonomy will reach up to 22 hours. On the other hand, if you don't need it, the battery will autonomously reach up to 45 days.

Its reflective screen brightens if the outside light is intensified. It is a device resistant to water and dust, ideal for you to take it everywhere. You can even shower without worrying about its deterioration.

The watch monitors the change in heart rate throughout the journey so that you can know whether you are meeting your goals and achieving good results, or whether the type of exercise you are doing is an aerobic or anaerobic sport.

In addition, with Amazfit BIP you can see the messages from your mobile directly and when you are sitting for a long time it will remind you that it is time to move. He is definitely very well positioned in our Amazfit BIP Vs Mi Band 4 duel.


In what aspects is the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Vs Amazfit bip heart rate monitor better?

Since its inception, the Xiaomi brand has been at the top of the list of the best valued and most demanded heart rate monitors on the market. This is due, among other things, to the high technology they incorporate. Which allows us to know all the details with the maximum precision about our daily routine, and our physical condition, for unbeatable prices. We are going to find out now the benefits that its new model incorporates, the Mi Band 4 to see if it deserves the first place in this competition.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 heart rate monitor has greater battery life and a better bluetooth connection

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 heart rate monitor has a comfortable and lightweight design of only 22.1 g, and a screen with a resolution and color depth never seen before.

Another advantage, compared to its rival, is that its bluetooth offers a better connection. This is essential when it comes to receiving notifications, playing music, sharing our progress and monitoring our training.

For greater privacy of your results and notifications, this heart rate monitor offers the possibility of entering a password so that only you can observe your progress and find out about the notifications and messages that arrive on your smartphone. Without further ado, the time has come to discover the winner of the Amazfit BIP Vs Mi Band 4 duel.

What is our final verdict?

After analyzing the characteristics of both heart rate monitors, we awarded first place to the Amazfit BIP heart rate monitor. Its battery life is the longest on the current market and its GPS is very efficient.

Although it is true that the Xiaomi Mi Band offers an unbeatable value for money, and that it is very useful for monitoring your fitness exercises, the Amazfit BIP heart rate monitor surpasses its characteristics and adds more features to monitor and observe all your progress.

Now that you know which is the winner of our Amazfit BIP Vs Mi Band 4 duel, you just need to select the amount you are willing to pay and in Shoptize we will show you the best offers in heart rate monitors from Amazon and Xiaomi.