Samsung Galaxy A31 Vs A51, which is the best?

Samsung Galaxy A31 Vs A51, which is the best?


If anything characterized the Samsung brand is the wide range of mobile large screen that provides us with an excellent r esolution and similar performance to that of a tablet.

Now that it has launched two new high-end models, known as the Galaxy, to the market. At Shoptize we ask ourselves: which is the best? If you are also dying to know, stay with us and analyze the benefits of both in our duel of Samsung Galaxy A31 Vs A51. Only on Shoptize!

How does the Samsung Galaxy A31 beat the A51?

Samsung has done it again: a smartphone with everything you can expect from a phone with a slim and comfortable design. With a 5,000mAh battery built into an 8.6mm thick device, Galaxy A31 fits perfectly in your hand. In addition, it features a geometric design with a glossy finish.

The Samsung A31 has longer battery life

The main advantage of the Samsung a31 model over its rival is the battery, with 25% more charge capacity (5000mAh Vs 4000mAh).

The Galaxy A31 has a fast advanced Octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM for efficient performance. Download much more and delete less thanks to its 64GB of internal storage. Get even more space with a microSD card up to 512GB.


In which aspects is the Samsung A51 Vs A31 better?

The main advantage of the Samsung Galaxy A51 smartphone, compared to its rival, is the Infinity-O screen. This manages to optimize visual symmetry. The advanced device minimizes bezels and maximizes every inch of space on a 6.5 "FHD + widescreen, all using Super AMOLED technology.

But this is not the only advantage it has over its rival, the Samsung galaxy A31, let's see what others are worth mentioning:

The Samsung A51 has a higher capacity and a better processor

As we have said before, if Samsung mobile phones are characterized by something, it is by the large screens of maximum resolution and by the power of their processors. In the case of the A51 model, both features surpass those of its rival. Thanks to 6.06% higher pixel density on the screen and a 1.91% higher power processor. This allows you, among other things, to upload files or information faster than with the other model.

As for memory, the Galaxy A51 has 8GB of RAM and the camera has 4 lenses, one of them wide angle. Definitely this device is very well positioned in the duel of Samsung Galaxy A31 Vs A51.

What is our final verdict?

After evaluating the characteristics of both models, we have decided to give the first prize to the Galaxy A51 model. This model outperforms its rival in all the features: it has a better camera, larger screen, a more powerful processor and expandable storage of greater capacity.

While the Galaxy A31 model offers longer battery life , it may be due to the less powerful processor.

So far the duel of the Samsung Galaxy A31 Vs A51 has arrived. Now is the time to enter Shoptize and look for the smartphone that you like the most to take it at a dream price.