Find the best long lasting perfume for men

Find the best long lasting perfume for men


Have you ever walked into a place and all eyes were on you? Maybe you were wondering why everyone looked at once? It’s the fragrance that drew their attention towards you and nothing more. Perfume is a signature for people that use it and know its importance.

There are different types of perfumes and different fragrances with some unique scents that you will like to try out. Most people can use perfume for several purposes such as to hide body odor, seduce the opposite sex, or create an impression. The uses depend on its buyer.

Some of these perfumes are not expensive compare to how long they last. So when next you have in mind of buying a perfume you should consider what you want to use the perfume for, because not all perfumes are made for all body types.

Don’t just pick perfume because you like it, as a man you are not expected to wear floral scent because you are going to smell like a lady throughout the day. Here we have some selected classic perfumes you can add to your collections. Read on and find out which is the best long lasting perfume for men.

Different types of perfumes:

Smart Collections

Smart collection's so far are the most popular and affordable male perfume in the Nigerian market because of their different fragrances, most people might decide to have two of them in the house with different fragrances. the unique thing about it is that both males and females can use it.


This particular product is known for its long-lasting smell and the container complements it. It comes in a bottle container and is well packaged. Element perfume is intensive and modern and comfortably warm with attractive fragrance.

212 VIP Black

This is the bomb! this perfume though expensive lasts longer than a week in your cloth even after washing, the fragrance it gives is heavenly, it's unique in every aspect. I will advise you to try it, you won't regret spending the money on it.

Eternity for men

The fragrance is incomparable, reviving, and fresh. It's not expensive, it's been on sale far back the 1990s and is still selling to date.

Cool Water Perfume

It was created by Pierre Bourdon in 1988. If you are living in a warm environment, this fragrance is the best long lasting perfume for men because his aroma keeps you cool and renewed.

Guess Seductive Homme Blue

People that wear this fragrance will have a kind of sweet smell like a vanilla orchid. It is for attractive people because the fragrance is seductive. It is a new product but it's already making names on its own.

Guidelines on how to pick a perfume:

You need to put into consideration some of these tips while selecting your next perfume. Firstly you need to be able to differentiate the perfume for men and that of women.

Know the reason for buying: As I mentioned above, people buy perfume maybe because they want to cover up their body odor, if you are on this table, you will need to go for something stronger, like the 212 VIP.

Test it: Try to test the perfume on your skin first. You may likely be allergic to some perfumes. To have the effect of the result of the test, don’t wear any other fragrance or apply anything else because the nose will capture that particular smell.

Make sure you read the leaflet before buying the perfume to know if is female, male, or unisex. Though the best long lasting perfume for men has no rules that say females shouldn’t wear masculine perfume, it depends on the wearer how they would want to smell. There are several women wearing fragrances that are made basically for men and there's nothing wrong with that.

Another way you can pick your perfume is by checking it out for 8 hours, if the fragrance disappears within that time simply know it's not long-lasting.

Using perfume can help one overcome body odor, it's like a farewell to a bad smell. It will make you feel confident anywhere, any day.

How can I apply perfume?

You should apply perfume on your skin at the main pulse points, behind your ear, inside of your wrist, your neck, and your elbow. The perfume will smell different if you rub your wrist together, so it's advisable not to do so.

How can I store my perfume?

There are certain factors you should remember when storing your perfume. Temperature and sunlight will have an impact on the perfume. Hence for the perfume to last longer, store it in a dark place that is not affected by the sun, your car is not an option, it’s a capital NO, also storing the best long lasting perfume for men in the bathroom is not a good idea.

Now you can feel good having this sweet fragrance in mind while purchasing and adding them to your collections won't be a bad idea at all.