Popular wedding shoes for men in Nigeria

Popular wedding shoes for men in Nigeria


Yeh! it's your big day, your shoes should not just look good, but it should be comfortable and fits in perfectly with your suit. The kind of shoes you choose depends on your personality and your outfit.

If you are the groom or you are just going as a guest, I will advise you to buy a good pair of quality shoes that you can use after the wedding. You wouldn't want to show up in the event not looking your best, no matter how good the suit looks, putting on the wrong shoe can mess the whole fashion idea up. As a bride, you have to make sure you select the perfect match for the groom because women are known for their good sense of fashion. Here, we are going to give you great ideas of how you can select your shoes & different types of shoes.

Men’s wedding shoe ideas range from modern to classic, their options are very little compare to women. So choosing shoes for your big day is very important, after all, you’re likely to have at least one photograph of the big day on display. Below are tips you need in choosing wedding shoes for men.

Best Types of Shoes You Can Rock to Your Event

Before considering the shoe you want to buy, first, what is the colour of your suit? The colour of the outfit determines the shoe choice.

Brogues Classic

This is a good choice when thinking of nice pairs of shoes for your big day, it’s the men’s Oxford shoes that you can wear anytime, any day.

Men’s Chelsea Boot

This Chelsea boot is well known. It's an elastic-sided boot that comes in different colours. By making the sides elastic the foot can enter the shoe but still protect the foot for walking.

Monk Shoes

The monk shoe has been around for a long time in different types, it became the most loved footwear among wearers because of its stylish tale strap design. The design allows the top of the shoe to have a buckle closing which is better than having a lace flapping around.


This footwear can fit any outfit, it's unique because of the different styles such as Cap-toe Derby & Plain Derby.


is known for its originality right from time, it has proven to be the best of all the brands in the market when talking about wedding shoes for men.

Clarks shoes have been in existence since 1825, they are made of leather, and one unique thing about this particular product is that it's not only for men, it's unisex.

Tips on how to choose a perfect wedding shoe

Your comfort

It's very important you consider your comfort when making decisions about shoes for your big day, wedding events last almost the whole day, you are going to walk all day and you wouldn't want your toes hurt. When making a choice, make sure you pick the shoes that will be very comfortable to wear for hours to avoid injury on your big day.

A little bit heels

Heels are not just made for the bride alone, the groom needs a bit of heel to boost his height especially when the bride is a bit taller than the groom. It is not compulsory though, you can go for some platform add-ons that are placed inside the shoes which are not visible, you can easily get one to buy. Consider this when choosing a pair of shoes for your event.

The colour of your outfit

It is very important to take note when it comes to wedding shoes for men, the colour and material of the groom's suit, the shoe should match the style of the suit, no matter the type. A normal colour for a groom’s wedding shoes should be brown leather tones or black, but a touch of colour could be added by wearing a brightly coloured sock, the watch, tie, or shirt should match with the shoes. Try the full outfit before the event just to know the outcome and if there will be any changes.

Keep style in mind

This means that you should have in mind some classic designs like Derby brogues and Oxford. Do not choose styles that will be out of place in your wedding photos, However, other shoe trends can be considered which is Chelsea Boot, it has become most peoples favourite too, so keep that in mind.

Best ways you can care for your shoes

Taking care of your shoes is not just to clean them up, it starts from when you pull them off, how and where you keep them. Shoes need air, therefore locking up the shoes in the wardrobe will do more harm than good to the shoes. Hence, you should create an open shelf for your shoes. Wedding shoes for men don’t need too much maintenance. For Clarks shoes, you have to clean with a dry rag, apply polish and allow to dry for 30 minutes or use oil spray specifically made for the shoe to make it shine. Some of the shoes come in a carton, you can still make use of the carton to store your shoes. If there is any damage and there’s a need to repair it, you can send them to shoe menders. Another way you can care for your shoe is to rotate them, do not wear one shoe for a whole week or month without changing to another one, constant use of one shoe can reduce the life span of the shoe.

It’s also important to make sure the shoes dry very well to avoid a bad smell, some people do sweat on their feet, the shoe will be messy if it’s not dry. So if you are in this category, I strongly advise you either wash the shoe or sun it. Lastly, set out time for cleaning your shoes at least once a month.

When is your wedding? Now go out confidently to shop wedding shoes for men for your big day.