Amazfit GTS Vs Apple Watch, which is better?

Amazfit GTS Vs Apple Watch, which is better?


Measuring sports performance as well as improving physical condition is an obsession, and it is that traveling the same distance in less time than a few days ago will show progress that will make life look different from that moment on.

To have this information and other important data, smartwatches or smart watches emerged on the market. For this post we are going to analyze two of the lines that are setting the pace with this type of product: Xiaomi Amazfit GTS Vs Apple Watch.

First of all, it should be noted that what has to prevail in the user's decision to purchase these products are the computer and technical properties they have, since both show certain similarities, as will be demonstrated in the following lines, and it is convenient to put the magnifying glass on those details that make the difference.

Without further ado, here is the comparison between these two popular lines of smartwatches so that you are clear which is the one that best suits any type of user.

How does Amazfit GTS beat Apple Watch?

Larger screen and screen protection

The Xiaomi Amazfit GTS have larger screens than the Apple Watch: their monitors exceed 1.6 inches (1.65) while those of the apple firm have around 1.5. This data partly indicates the quality of the user experience. First point for them in this duel of Amazfit GTS against Apple Watch.

In addition, the Chinese technology brand provides this line of products with resistant glass for screen protectors, in turn relying on others specialized in this accessory, such as Corning's Gorilla Clash. For its part, in the case of Apple, these do not include a protector, so the user has to purchase it separately.

Barometer and GPS

The user will have more certainty about the environmental conditions and the route that can be done with an Amazfit GTS thanks, on the one hand, to the barometer that they usually include, which indicates to the user if it is foreseeable that there will be a storm during the time that it will be in a hurry. An accessory that is not present in the watches of the famous American brand.

On the other hand, it also helps you to orient yourself better using your GPS, which can help you to take new routes and take advantage of your favorite physical activity.


In what aspects is Apple Watch better than Amazfit GTS?

Wifi connection and 3D Touch

Apple Watch gets its first point on this Amazfit GTS Vs Apple Watch. And it is that this firm is synonymous with modernity and, as proof of this, the user has a Wi-Fi connection at his disposal to immediately access information of interest, such as knowing if he has burned many or few calories, if the pace at which he has run advanced or beginner level, etc.

To provide a new concept of user experience, it includes 3D Touch technology, which makes the watch interact with the user after receiving their keystrokes, offering them to perform different actions depending on how they are.

Route tracker and wireless battery

To repeat an itinerary that has been comfortable for the user, the apple watches have what is known as a route tracker, which is used to add a route already made to a map, or even if you want to share it with friends so that they too live that experience.

On the other hand, Apple offers a wireless charging kit that facilitates the process of feeding the product, since it is enough to place it on the base of it. In the case of the Xiaomi range, the battery is charged through a plug, although it has more autonomy.

What is our final verdict?

Due to the accessories so useful for the user that it includes, its autonomy of several weeks, its resilience to elements such as dust and water, added to its best value for money, they proclaim the Amazfit GTS the winner in the Amazfit GTS Vs Apple Watch duel.