15 latest Braided wig styles

15 latest Braided wig styles


A wig is a hair or head accessory that is used to give you the look you desire at any moment in time. Full wigs were not fashionable in the early 20th century downwards, the full wig is used by mostly old men and women to cover their baldness and protect them from the sun. Now, in the 21st century, wigs are worn by both young and old for fashion. The braided wig styles are types of wigs that has taken root in the fashion world and takes different forms, length, and shape to fit into everyone’s choice.

Why Braided Wig?

There are different reasons why people choose this wig but we are going to discuss a few here.

It is time-saving: After spending so many hours during the week to work and on the road due to hold up, we find it difficult to use our weekend meant for resting to sit in the salon for hours waiting for your turn, then the other making of the hair and the finishing touch, that’s a lot right!!! Men literally say when a woman says she is going to the salon, just strike out that day, it going to be a full day.

So, after all the waiting and actual hair is done, we try to get back home early to prepare something for the family or yourself if you are single (you can even go to bed hungry). A braided wig will save all this time for you and you will still get that same look you wish to get.

It is cost-effective: The braided wig styles will save cost because after spending so much time and money on hair you are going to loosen in two weeks or maximum a month (standard time frame), your braided wig can last more than 2 years with proper care.

No Pain: Making braids can not only be stressful but painful for some people. This is due to the hairstylist's effort to pick every strand of the hair giving it a sharp and neat look. Having a braided wig makes everything easy. You get to wear the look you desire without pain.

No hair loss: Some complain that making braid cut off their front hair, while some complain it cut their hair generally. You can avoid hair breakage or damaged root, by opting for a wig.

New and clean look: Braid on your natural hair become rough and loses its new look over time. This is because our natural hair always finds a way to come out. Also, the root can get so rough and loose that the attachment starts coming off. A braided wig always has its new and clean look.

The many braided wigs

Now, that we have explored the reason why a braided wig should be an option let’s explore different braided wig styles.

360 lace wig

This is a closure that is attached around the head size of a wig i.e it goes from one ear all the way round to meet the same ear. It is expensive to other wig styles but you can style it anyhow you want it. You can even pack everything to the middle. It gives a natural look.


There are three major types of closure. We have the one-way closure or one-way style; Kim-kay closure is also one way but with a longer cut, and full closure i.e. four ways of styling it. The stylist also braids the hair on the closure to give a natural look. The styling of this wig has to be around the closure to avoid exposing the fact that you are on a wig.

Lace frontal

This style of wig comes with an ear-to-ear closure. This is in form of a net with skin colour, stylist do braids on this closure. This wig is usually installed for a better look. Your hairstylist will use a lace wig glue to glue the wig on your hair, use edge control to bring out edges. Most ladies prefer this option of the braided wig styles because it looks so real like you made the hair. You can only style the hair from the front backward which is the closure range.

Full lace

This is a lace or natural net in form of a wig cap. The whole cap is lace and the braid is knotted into it by hand. The beauty of this wig is that you can style it anyhow you want without someone detecting It is a wig. It cost more to get compare to lace frontal but has more durability and unlimited styling.

Box braid

This style is mainly done on either a 360 closure wig or lace frontal wig. It is called box braid because the stylist will use a hair styler to make a shape of a box throughout the hair. You will love to have a wig like this because the box shape gives it a unique and beautiful look.


Cornrow or twist is usually straight now when done, now for this style, the hairstylist goes ahead to either use a braid curler or use thread to squeeze the braids tightly in a curly manner and put it inside boiled water. It gives you very nice curly braided wig styles when you remove the thread or curler.


Here your wig comes out short. It might be either a cornrow or twist. The stylist cut the attachment short, pull it out to give a pencil look, and then braid it. The length of this hair ranges from 6-8 inches, though some still go further to 10 inches. This wig style is for people that find it difficult to pack hair or do not like something long. for this wig, there is no styling, Just wear it as it is made.

Blunt cut

This is a like short wig but without a pencil tip. The hairstylist uses scissors to cut off the tip.


Ombre is naturally blending one colour to another, usually from light to dark. Ombre attachment is a blending of two colors together in one. Ombre braid wig makes use of ombre attachment, the blending of the colours is unique and it looks nice on the user. those that love coloured attachment might want to try this wig out.


This is also known as Bob Marley or Cornrow, or braids. It involves the intertwining of attachment; it can be used in any of the aforementioned braided wig styles. It can be long or short, tiny or big, it can come in any shape and size.

Micro braid

This is also known as million braids. It is a very tiny twist. The stylist uses a small amount of attachment to make a strand.

Ghana weaving

This is a cornrow style that involves adding attachment throughout the braiding of the hair. Depending on the style it does not really take time to make in the saloon, but it can be so painful and pack out your frontal hair depending on the hairstylist. So, to avoid that, opting for a nice Ghana weaving wig will be a nice option.


There are different types of twists, the Senegalese twist which is known as the normal twist, rapping two hair around each other tightly; Natural twist is done with a special kind of attachment and the final look is like a spring, it bounces and can be stretched.


This is also a form of short braids. The hairstylist cuts the attachment short pulls out a little strand of it and weaves very tightly. The stylist then ties the remaining tip, cuts it off, and burns it. This option of braided wig styles gives a cute and mature look, you might want to try it.

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