Fortnite Vs Minecraft, Which one is better?

Fortnite Vs Minecraft, Which one is better?


Since 2019, Fortnite and Minecraft video games have positioned themselves as the two best on the market and the most demanded by gamers around the world. However, since both video games are in the highest positions by users, the debate about which of the is the best video game is present in all social networks.

For this reason, in Shoptize we put these two heavyweights of video games to our comparison Fortnite Vs Minecraft to find out which of them deserves the first place. Only on Shoptize!

How does Fortnite beat Minecraft?

Fortnite is a video game of the year 2017 developed by the company EpicGames. Currently, Fortnite is divided into three game modes, Save the World, Battle Royale and Creative Mode, all of them share the same engine, graphics, artistic resources and game mechanics.

The difference between them is in the mission assigned to the user who enters each of them, unlike the last one, in which there is no specific mission but is open and enhances the user's creativity.

The Fortnite video game encourages self-improvement and team play

The Fortnite video game has been the most demanded and the best valued since it was released in 2017, both for the graphics and for the missions assigned to rescue and save the civilian population against a zombie apocalypse, and the multiple multiplayer options that In the first mode, it offered Save the World to form a team with your friends or people from different parts of the world, they made this video game a truly addictive virtual reality.

Its following games take place in more concentrated environments, the Battle Royale, for its part, promotes battles between squads of players or between individual players, among which there can only be one winner.

The last one, Creative Mode, consists of creating a fortress to protect yourself from the outside, so the ending is open and there is no specific mission. The variety of possibilities offered by this video game is highly addictive and promotes self-improvement and team play, which is why it could be the winner of our Fortnite Vs Minecraft comparison.

In what aspects is Minecraft Vs Fortnite better?

Minecraft is an "open world" construction video game launched on the market in 2011. This video game, unlike the previous one, does not have any specific objective or mission, although it does include a system of achievements and awards. This video game consists of the construction of structures based on the placement or destruction of blocks on a pattern fixed on the ground to form farms and later, villages.

The Minecraft video game enhances user creativity

As a consequence of Minecraft being an open world game and not having a specific objective, it allows the player great freedom in choosing how to play. Users are free to move around their environment, which can be from a desert to a jungle or a simple plain, and modify it to create structures or destroy them at their convenience. In addition, creatures will appear that will stand in your way that you have to defeat.

Minecraft does not have a specific mission, so you never get to "pass the game or the screen" and it also has multiple game modes that you can participate in. Therefore, it could be said that this game will not tire you.

The game modes are, from highest to lowest difficulty: Extreme, Survival, Adventure, Creative and Spectator. But this is not all, it also includes a last Custom mode so that you can combine the previous modes to your liking.

What could make this last video game the winner in the comparison of Shoptize Fortnite Vs Minecraft, is undoubtedly the great freedom it gives the user, greatly enhancing their creativity by having to create farms or villages and allowing them to play in different modes as they wish to increase The difficulty.

What is our final verdict?

After evaluating the characteristics of both video games, in the comparison of Shoptize Fortnite Vs Minecraft, we awarded the first place to the best video game to Minecraft, due to the wide variety of game modes that enhance the user's creativity. In addition, since there is no specific objective, it allows us to go to the next level if we wish or vary the game mode so that we never tire of this video game.

On the other hand, it is true that Fortnite can be more entertaining because there is a mission to complete, which always leads to challenging ourselves to obtain personal improvement . However, in Minecraft there are also creatures that get in the way of our goal and that we have to chase, so in addition to the incentive of achieving achievements, we also get the satisfaction of defeating the enemy.