IPS Vs AMOLED, which is the best option?

IPS Vs AMOLED, which is the best option?


Technology in all aspects of mobile devices is advancing at a dizzying rate, becoming almost obsolete after a few months. One aspect that has improved considerably compared to previous years, and especially since touch devices came onto the market, are the screens.

In today's Shoptize comparison we will face the best screen models, IPS Vs AMOLED, to find out which of them is the best. Only on Shoptize!

In what ways does IPS beat AMOLED?

LCD stands for liquid crystal display. These types of screens are made up of a series of liquid crystals that are illuminated by backlight. They require less energy and are therefore very popular in electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets or televisions.

IPS screens, which belong to LCD technology, work very well when directly hit by sunlight as they hardly emit any reflection.

IPS screen has better viewing angle and improved response time

IPS screens are a type of LCD screens that incorporate the latest technology in this type of device. Some features that make it one of the best types of screen are:

  • Optimal color reproduction: IPS displays emit very vivid and well-defined colors.
  • Sharpness: the images are reproduced with the highest quality on all types of devices with IPS panels.
  • Better Viewing Angle: When compared to AMOLED panels, IPS provides a better viewing angle. With this we could declare this type of screen the winner in this section of our comparison, IPS Vs AMOLED.
  • Intense white color and high gloss, avoiding reflections.
  • Improved response time: with a gentle touch on the screens, your reaction is the fastest.

In which aspects is AMOLED Vs IPS technology better?

The term AMOLED is the acronym for Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. These types of screens use organic materials that emit light when electricity is applied. Allowing, in this way, to show bright, sharp and efficient images.

AMOLED displays are always off unless individual pixels are electrically excited. This means that they have much purer blacks and consume less energy.

AMOLED screen needs no feedback and consumes less power

The screens with AMOLED technology are among the best and most demanded by major brands of mobile devices for the following reasons:

  • The panels are thinner: they allow them to be applied to thinner and more compact devices, highly demanded in mobile telephony.
  • No need for backlighting: thus reducing manufacturing costs, component thickness, footprint and power demand. This type of screen might be the best in our IPS Vs AMOLED comparison.
  • Intense black color: thanks to not needing any type of backlighting.
  • High battery life: an AMOLED consumes less power than an IPS.
  • High contrast: AMOLED provides better contrast ratios than its rival.

What is our final verdict?

After evaluating the characteristics of both types of screen, at Shoptize we awarded the first prize to the IPS screen model. IPS offers a better user experience.

This screen is ideal for all types of computers, smartphones and televisions. It has been specially designed to watch movies or videos, interact on social networks, etc. The IPS screen allows you to obtain the best viewing angles and maximum color accuracy.

While it is true that AMOLED screens have sharper blacks and more vivid colors, in addition to consuming less energy. The latter is reflected in a reduction in the electricity bill in the case of television and battery in the case of mobile devices. On the other hand, IPS screens have an improved response time and very sharp whites that prevent reflections from natural light.

So far the duel of IPS Vs AMOLED has come, Remember that in Shoptize you can find devices that have both screen models and you can select the amount you are willing to pay so that we can show you the offers that best suit your pocket.