Different all back Ghana weaving hairstyles that you can explore

Different all back Ghana weaving hairstyles that you can explore


Ghana weaving is among the style of braid that can never stop trending in the African world. Over the years, the survey has shown that 80% of men love ladies or women on Ghana braids style compared to other hairstyles. All back Ghana weaving hairstyles is one of the stunning styles of Ghana weaving that brings out your beauty and natural endowments. Recently, you would see that many non-African women have imbibed these braid styles into their hairstyles. Ghana weaving has to do with the use of attachments to make different cornrow styles, therefore, your natural hair length (long, short or medium) does not matter. Also, there are different all back styles that can cover up the broken or bald front hair for those who don't have front hair. Protective Ghana weaving hairstyles are also available for ladies who are scared of hair breakage or losing the front hair. All back Ghana weaving says a lot about the class, status, age, relationships, beauty, personality, style, attractiveness and a lot more about the person that wears the style. All back Ghana weaving usually starts lights and gets ticker as it moves towards the rear of the back of the head. Some believe that all back Ghana weaving is just one style, that the only difference is the colour of the attachments that are been used. Well, I am glad to inform you, that is not the case, all back Ghana weaving hairstyles is more than that. There are a lot of styles that you can explore, here are some for you to check out and rock in this season.

Stitches Ghana weaving

This is the most recent Ghana weaving style you got to try out. This style is achieved by making small sharp and neat sidelines or divisions as the hair moves towards the back. Most ladies prefer to do this style as a one-sided Ghana weaving which is achieved by adding attachment at one side of the cornrow as the hair progresses, without showing the attachment. Ladies prefer this because the style looks like their natural hair and also, it is a protective style.

This is a little bit different from the regular Ghana weaving style which is achieved by adding attachment on top of the already made cornrow as the hair progresses, leaving the attachment to show with style. This is a cover-up style on its own.

Dija weaving

This is achieved by dividing the hair into two equal parts and weave each one to the back, making it two all back pieces. This is also one of the latest all back Ghana weaving hairstyles. You can add style to it by making one or two cornrows (coral braids) at each side and weave them into two all back pieces.

Beaded Ghana weaving

This is adding style to your all back style by adding beads to the tip of the hair. The type of bead you use will say a lot about the kind of person you are in terms of fashion. Traditional beads can you believe there is beauty in tradition and conventional beads showing revolve in culture.

Straight all back: This is a simple all back style. As the name suggests, the hair is styled straight to the back without cutting any style or cut to it. Cutting the hair straight brings out the face and the forehead. This is a beautiful style; you can use coloured attachments if you feel the style is too simple. A skilled hairstylist can tuck your hair in that your natural hair will not be seen.


Centre parted all back

For centre parting, the stylist divides your hair into two equal parts and make all back Ghana weaving on each parting leaving the centre open and nice. One of the stunning options of all back Ghana weaving hairstyles that you gotta try if you're looking for something different and unique

Parted all back

Your stylist can concord different parts in your hair to make your hair unique. Your stylist can weave it big or small leaving the parts to show as the style of the hair. Examples of these parts are the star, zigzag, c- curve, and so on.

Rice and beans

This is also another style that you can explore as the name suggest beans is bigger than rice so it means big and small. Stylists can go different ways to achieve this; it can be one big and one small or one big and two small, it can go on like that. This style is also one of the ever reigning Ghana weaving styles you can try.

All back with base

Here the stylist makes cornrow from the two sides of the hair to the front while the remaining goes to the back. To simply put it, it is all back with a curve just in an adult way. Most people attach beads to the base cornrow and the length is usually shorter compared to the length of the hair at the back.


This option it’s one of the all back Ghana weaving hairstyles that is majorly for people that do not have front hair and wishes to do Ghana weaving. The stylist starts the hair from the middle instead of the front, and weave it to the front and end it at the back. Using it to cover up the broken or bald front hair.