Asus or Lenovo, which brand is better?

Asus or Lenovo, which brand is better?


Buying a laptop is an important step that requires one as a user to be adequately informed. This can sometimes be a difficult task. Don't worry, at Shoptize we help you by facing two of the most important brands in the market, Asus Vs Lenovo.

Although both brands have a very good reputation, at the end of the guide you will know which is the most appropriate according to your profile. Asus or Lenovo Who will win? Read on and discover which one you can get the most out of.

In what ways is Asus better than Lenovo?

Best value for money from Asus

The first round is left to Asus. Being a lesser known brand than Lenovo cannot afford to raise prices as much as its rival. However, if we focus on the specifications of the products, it can be seen that the quality between the two is very similar.

Although Asus offers its products at a lower price, the components are usually the same as Lenovo uses. The reason Lenovo offers its more expensive products is simply a matter of brand prestige.

Regarding the design, Asus or Lenovo, both adapt to all ranges and profiles. For its part, Asus is a company that from the beginning focused its activity on the manufacture of components. The latter makes its computers even more reliable than those of its Chinese rival.

Finally, at Asus the price will always be justified in the quality of its components. For this reason, we declare it the winning brand of the quality-price round.

Better warranty and durability at Asus

Although it could be said that this point follows from the previous one, we believe it necessary to delve into these two aspects. Lenovo is a brand that has received a lot of criticism regarding the durability of its computers.

Consumer surveys revealed that before the first year of purchase, a large percentage of Lenovo users had to bring the laptop in for repair. Many of these cases reported battery-related problems. Here Asus presents a great advantage, as it offers a specific warranty for the computer battery.

Asus's reputation is based primarily on the strength of its products and its extended warranties that cover all of the brand's computer models. They even cover damages related to accidents or problems derived from viruses that are not related to the brand.

With Asus you can rest assured that you are well covered, no other brand cares to that level about its users. If you want a product that lasts or can be repaired without adding costs and you are in doubt, from Asus or Lenovo, the first will be the best option.

How does Lenovo beat Asus?

Lenovo presents a better design in its computers

In general terms, Lenovo is a brand that always stands out for offering good designs and an avant-garde character in terms of technological advances. The latter can be seen in models that allow the screen to rotate 360 degrees or its advanced cooling systems. The latter are essential since laptops tend to heat up in a short time and without making noise.

Another point where the brand took the lead is in the safety of its users. Lenovo pioneered a series of technologies to increase your security by implanting microchips in its next-generation computers.

In terms of design, the Chinese brand defends itself very well against its rival. In any case, we must clarify that their designs are mainly focused on students and companies. That is why they are so versatile in their use, since they have an ergonomic design that makes them the best option for those people who live constantly on the move.

Lenovo has the best keyboards

That's right, if you are a user who gives importance to the comfort of the keyboard and you are in doubt about buying Asus or Lenovo, the latter has the best on the market. Not only are they famous for their layout and feel- good touch, they are also waterproof.

Likewise, the keyboards of the latest generation of computers were one of the most celebrated points. They feature a spaced layout and rounded keys that favor finger comfort when sliding across the keyboard.

Finally remember that you choose the brand you choose, the best offer you will find in Shoptize. Be it a budget model from Asus or one of the most powerful from Lenovo. We compare all the offers offering the one that best suits your needs in record time.