How to clean the speakers of an iPhone?

How to clean the speakers of an iPhone?


The omnipresence of smartphones in people's daily lives is not a secret, and among those “smartphones” the iPhone shines above all. The most famous and popular product of the Apple brand.

However efficient and good quality it is, however, it is not safe from dirt and problems. For the latter, it is convenient to know the methods and forms of hygiene and, ultimately, care.

The following lines will list 3 different ways that will help you know how to clean the speakers of an iPhone. Avoiding, in this way, that you get too worried when you perceive that the music does not sound as it should. However, first of all you have to turn off the phone to prevent it from breaking.

How to clean your speakers in 3 different ways?

1. Toothbrush with soft bristles

For a correct and efficient cleaning with this utensil, it should be clean and dry . The procedure consists of rubbing on the remains of dirt to drag them towards the ends and remove them later. To facilitate this, you can lightly wet the tips of the brush with alcohol.

If you prefer to do this procedure with a finer object, you can use a toothpick, this will allow you to split pieces of earth. The latter is something that is usually seen in dirty objects of this type. By moistening the tip of the toothpick you can easily remove the dirt, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, but you have to do it carefully so that it does not spoil.

2. Painter's tape

This tool, so frequently used for painting walls, has a pressure sensitive adhesive. To take advantage of it, it is best to roll it into a cylinder of the same diameter as the index finger. The stickier side should be facing outward .

Subsequently, it must be inserted into the speaker grill so that it presses and removes dirt. If the tape accumulates dirt , it must be changed as soon as possible so that it does not return to the device.

3. Compressed air

It is ideal for removing accumulated lint and dust. To get the desired performance, it is convenient to place the iPhone on a flat surface with the screen facing down. Then you have to orient the loudspeaker at the distance indicated on the spray container, which is usually about 6 mm, since otherwise the device could be destroyed. However, you also have to be tactful enough not to squeeze the handle of the can for longer than necessary.

Well, this is where our tips and help have come so that you know how to clean the speakers of an iPhone correctly, without compromising its integrity and operation. If you want to buy a model of the well-known Steve Jobs brand phone, in Shoptize you can find the best copies and at the best price.