Wine guide for beginners 2021

Wine guide for beginners 2021


A guide for beginners is one of the best bases you can have to learn how to choose the most appropriate wine for this year, either to get started in the intake of this drink or to give to a friend or family member who is a fan of wine. Wines can be distinguished based on their origin, their variety and their category. But, in addition, it is advisable to carry out a previous tasting through taste, smell and sight to appreciate all its nuances.

A good wine will have a very particular color, aroma and flavor. Through a wine guide you will be able to know the best varieties that are produced in the different regions of Spain and the world. Knowing how to distinguish them is key to being able to get an idea of the quality of the purchase that is going to be made.

What are the best wines on the market?

It is difficult to specify which are the best wines for beginners among the great variety that we have on the market. However, one that never fails is sweet wine. A wine with a very pleasant taste and to which the palate adapts very easily.

Reds are also often included in any guide focused on wines. Especially those that are light and rich in notes of red or tropical fruits. The sweet flavor and aroma of this variety go very well with different types of food. Although, if taken alone, it is also perfect for the palate.

Among white wines, it is best to go to young whites. These types of wines have not spent much time in the barrel. They are generally pale yellow in color, as opposed to older whites, which already have a more golden or amber profile. Any of these options will be more than valid to begin with.

How to choose the most suitable wines?

In any wine guide we can find various tips and recommendations to choose the most suitable wines for beginners. The ideal is to seek information about these wines and contrast opinions among those who know.

On the other hand, it is advisable not to choose the most expensive wine at the beginning. You don't need to spend a lot of money on a bottle, but rather choose one that is more accessible. In fact, to appreciate the best notes of an expensive wine, you will have to have a little more experience and have tasted an important variety.

In this sense, you can choose white and rosé wines first. These wines are fresher, sweeter and lighter than the rest. Precisely, they are more recommended for those people who are not so used to drinking wine. Any of these wines will make you enjoy more at the table than with an expensive wine. Chances are you won't even notice the difference.

What are the best wine brands?

There are different brands and varieties of beginner wines that you can start drinking. A good Rioja is one of the wines that cannot be missing from any table to start drinking. These wines are usually fresh, aromatic and balanced in composition. A white grape Malvasía or a red grape Tempranillo are an excellent choice.

Ribera del Duero wines are also among the recommended options. Here there are wines such as Velvety, Aire de Protos Rosado, Balbás Barrica or Lecco Roble, which are among the essentials. For slightly more select palates, nothing better than a Protos Roble or a Semele.

The Monterrei Denomination of Origin has some of the best wines for beginners. Their wines have a lot of character, such as Vecrima Godello. Adegas Terrae or Alma Godello white wine are also among those to try when you start drinking.

What advantages does wine bring to the user?

Some of the benefits of drinking wine in moderation are spelled out in any beginner's guide. Red wine, without going any further, having a high content of polyphenols eliminates free radicals and protects the heart. Precisely one drink a day is recommended to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Wine also has anticoagulant and antithrombotic effects. It also prevents the appearance of atherosclerosis and helps balance blood pressure by improving blood circulation. A glass of wine a day also helps reduce the formation of kidney stones or kidney stones.

On the other hand, wine prevents dementia, reduces the risk of rheumatic arthritis and is very beneficial for digestion. Finally, it is a drink that improves varicose veins, favors the assimilation of proteins and improves the skin.

How to properly care for a wine?

In any self-respecting guide there is a special section dedicated to the preservation of this drink. The ideal storage temperature for a red wine once opened is 14-16 degrees. Hence, it is preferable to keep it in the fridge so that it better conserves its properties. It is necessary to seal the bottle well with a cork so that the wine does not oxidize and lose its aroma.

White and rosé wines are slightly less delicate than reds. However, high temperatures should always be avoided. In addition, once the bottle is open, it must be kept in a vertical position. A white or rosé wine usually loses its flavor within 3-4 days after opening the bottle.

A wine guide for beginners is essential to know how to choose the most suitable type of wine for each occasion. There is a huge variety of wines today. Trying the cheapest ones first will be the best option to gradually accustom your palate. Taking into account some tips for preserving wine, you will be able to taste it for a longer time at home and enjoy its aroma and flavor, until you become a true expert in the field.