Get pumped up with these weight gain shakes for females

Get pumped up with these weight gain shakes for females


When planning to gain weight you have to do first things first, and that is nothing but making sure you eat your meals often and on time. When you get used to doing so, then you will step on to improve on the food you eat. This does not mean that you will begin to eat unhealthy junk. All you have to do is, eat three good meals i.e, your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, have small meals in between those three meals. Make sure the meals you eat are rich in calories. Eat a lot of nuts, add cream to the fruit you are going to eat, add butter to some of your meals, in the vegetables you can pick on potatoes, and eat red meat for non-veg. This kind of improvement and add-on to your food will prove healthy weight gain. Almost all ingredient used to make a shake has properties of proteins, vitamins, sugars, minerals, calcium, carbohydrates, and fats. When the body gets exhausted working out and you feel dizzy it is best to have something sweet, like one of the weight gain shakes for females we will show you next. A shake can add up to your sugar levels pre and post-workout. Protein shakes stimulate better metabolism which is required for the body because through this the rate of burning and retaining necessary fat through oxygen in the body is controlled.

What are the recipes you need to make the shakes that will allow you to gain weight in a healthy way?

If you are not comfortable taking shakes from the store, maybe because it's expensive, you feel is better made at home, then here are some amazing recipes you can try out to quickly reshape from being a tender woman to a chubby woman. These healthy shakes will help all women out there to gain weight.

Banana Walnut Shake

Bananas are high in potassium, calcium and are a good source of protein for a woman to gain weight. It can be a great choice for a shake to make you get healthy though walnuts may not be high in proteins they do have the vital amino acids that contribute to proteins, walnuts are high in calories and when mixed with bananas the combination is well balanced.

¿What are the ingredients you need?

The ingredientes you need are: 2 Bananas, 1 cup of yogurt, 10 walnuts, 2 spoons of butter, 2 spoons of honey.

¿What are the steps to make your banana walnut shake?

The steps to make one of the most delicious weight gain shakes for females are:

Step 1: Cut the bananas and walnuts into small pieces.
Step 2: Take a bowl of Yogurt, add butter and honey, mix these ingredients well, add a little water to this mix in case its consistency is thick.
Step 3: Add the chopped bananas and walnut pieces into the yogurt mix.
Step 4: Blend this mixture well using a blender. It is best served when chilled.


Oats shakes

Oats are a by-product of fiber, it is easy to prepare them and the best part is that it is a tasty dish that can be eaten for breakfast, pre-workout, and post-workout. It is a nutrient having carbs, some are slow carbs, some are fast-digesting carbs in the body. These carbs provide the body with long-lasting energy and sufficient to gain weight.

¿What are the ingredients you need?

Oats, 2 cups of milk, 1 banana, Cinnamon, 1 egg

¿How to prepare this hot recipe?

Step 1: Take one cup of oatmeals and boil it for 5-8 minutes

Step 2: Cut the banana into pieces and break the egg

Step 3: Take two glasses of milk and pour them into the bowl of oats. Mix these ingredients really well. As you can see, these weight gain shakes for females are really easy to make.

Step 4: Break a small piece of cinnamon and add it to the oats and milk mix, add the cut banana and egg and blend all of these to get a shake.

Avacado Kiwi Shake to gain weight

Avocado is naturally a tummy-filling fruit, it can be made with milk or it can be eaten just like that, the peel of an avocado is rough but the fruit is soft. Kiwi’s is a sweetish and slightly tangy fruit, it is rich in vitamins.

¿What are the ingredients you need?

1 Kiwi, 1 Avacado, Peanut butter, honey, & 2 cups of milk

¿How to make this shake?

Chop kiwi and avocado, break the dark sugar into pieces, add 2 spoons of peanut butter to these fruits, Grind this mix and let it be a thick paste then add 2 cups of milk lastly Blend the milk and paste, then mix it very well to drink.

Chocolate Shake to Gain Weight

This shake seems very tempting because it is very rich in calories and its taste and aroma are tempting. Some people do not like chocolate so make this with dark chocolate which contains less sugar. This is one of the most loved weight gain shakes for females. Chocolate is rich in calories, carbohydrates, and fats because of its enriching ingredients like nuts, dry fruits, virgin olive oil, and avocado oil that it contains.

¿What are the ingredients you need?

1/2 chocolate protein bar, 2 spoons of cocoa powder, 1 spoon honey, 2 cups of milk, 2 spoons of Peanut butter.

¿How to Make this Shake?

Heat the chocolate bar in the microwave for a minute for it to melt, adds 2 spoons of cocoa powder to the melted chocolate, pour a little warm water into this chocolate mix to make it a thin paste, add peanut butter and honey and stir this mixture, then take 2 cups of milk and pour it into the final chocolate mixture and blend this entire mixture well, then serve to drink.

¿What is our conclusion?

Our conclusion is that these shakes are natural and healthy, if your goal is to gain healthy weight with ease and no complications just give these a try. These weight gain shakes for females will help you achieve your goals.