From skinny to big, understand nigerian herbs for weight gain

From skinny to big, understand nigerian herbs for weight gain


There are healthy weight gain herbs to make you gain weight and increase your appetite, though these herbs provide calories, they are less compared to the calories you gained from a normal meal. These herbs help you to relax and sleep well because sleep is one of the essential weight gain factors. Amazingly, most people are looking for ways to lose weight while on the other side, some people are seeking ways to gain weight. So why look for herbs for weight gain? Why not enjoy french fries, pizza, and other fast food delicacies? As tempting as those options seem, fast weight gain via fast foods is going to create a lot more health problems for you than you could imagine. This is where herbs come to the rescue. Herbs not only help you gain weight but also without facing the danger of side effects of medical drugs or supplements. Nature (and modern supermarkets) provides many easily available herbs that have the macro and micronutrients needed for quick and healthy weight gain. The following herbs are most active for achieving your desired weight gain journey.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root, also known as Efo Yarin in Yoruba, is one of the Nigerian herbs for weight gain, it's a great herbal supplement that has been used by women to increase appetite and promote weight gain. This herb is recommended especially for pregnant women so that their appetite is stimulated. It has a high content of nutrients, which makes it a healthy and smart option to gain weight.

How to prepare Dandelion root?

Wash the roots, peel the outer layer. The dandelion root is a bit like that of a beet. It's separate from the actual root, and a 2 minutes steam will pull the outside of the roots, it will come right off with ease. Then boil for 5 minutes or 10 minutes, that's if the root is much. You can add salt and a little quantity of Apple cider vinegar(optional) to help enjoy slight bitterness.


Ginger has been used for several years to treat intestinal issues. It is the best herb you could use to take care of your upset stomach, nausea, and dyspepsia. It treats poor appetite effectively and helps you enjoy your meals better. This herb works effectively when it comes to weight gain, because of the way it increases your appetite level.

Custard apple

Custard Apple is one of the Nigerian herbs for weight gain that is good for the body. It is known for having a cooling impact on one’s body and brings down the heat. It increases the chances of weight gain . If you know someone who needs to gain weight fast, suggest they add a couple of custard apples to their diet.

Gentian roots

This root has been used for decades to treat people who suffer from unwanted weight loss and lack of appetite issues. It helps the body absorb food the right way. It increases gastric sensations, appetite as well as bile flow. It is a very bitter herb, and usually bitter herbs help you eat better during meals.


This is the most popular herb in the world, yet it is illegal in Nigeria. It is one of the best herbs for weight gain because it stimulates sleep and improves appetite, depending on the stress one consumes.

Hemp Contains hemp, which puts the mind in hyperactivity or at rest, depending on content. then it raises the desire to eat. Combining sleep and food is essential for weight gain, which makes cannabis an excellent herb for weight gain. It's addictive thus not recommended though.

Remember, apart from being one of the Nigerian herbs for weight gain, it is a type of herb that is easy to abuse, which is why it is illegal in Nigeria. Although in some states of the United States, you can easily obtain cannabis of a medical degree without facing the law.

Exercise For Weight Gain

Lean people tend to look for ways to add weight, here we have a combination of the right exercises and diet can go a long way in helping you gain lean mass and muscle

Listed below are a few of the best exercises for weight gain. Make sure you seek help from a fitness trainer to do these exercises the correct way.

Push-ups and Steps

  • Lie down on your stomach.
  • Put your hands on the ground – palms flat and facing downward, and elbows bent and shoulder-width apart.
  • Place your toes on the ground.
  • Align your legs, feet, and back.
  • Slowly push your entire body up off the ground with your hands. Stretch your arms completely. Your entire body should be off the ground, supported by your hands and toes.
  • Slowly lower your body by bending your elbows. No part of your body should touch the ground except your hands and toes. With the help of this exercise, nigerian herbs for weight gain works perfectly well.

Bench Press


  • Lie on your back on the bench, keeping your entire body relaxed.
  • Stretch out your fingers and grab the bar.
  • Slowly lift the weight bar, stretching your arms completely.
  • Pull it back down onto the rack or near your chest from where you started. Bend your arms at a 90° angle.
  • Do 4 to 5 reps or as per your comfort level.


Nigerians are ignorant about herbal medicine, though it is an integral part of traditional medicine. If herbal medicine is properly evaluated and not abused, its uses will be more significant.