Best alcoholic drinks: How to find them

Best alcoholic drinks: How to find them


Drinks that contain ethanol are known as alcoholic drinks, which are produced through the fermentation of grains, fruits, or other sources of sugar. In most cultures, the consumption of alcohol plays an important role socially. Some countries have laws regarding the consumption, production, and sales of alcohol thereby reducing the rate of consumption, yet the drinks keep selling and trending all over the countries. Here is the list of some alcoholic drinks in Nigeria grouped in categories you can enjoy.

Best drinks in types such as:

Spirit: Smirnoff Ice Vodka

The 40% ABV is a clean, fine alcoholic drink in Nigeria. The smooth vodka is majorly for the night lifestyle and is mostly requested at any commercial bar of any flow of conversation for many groups of people.

Magic Moment Vodka

This drink as the name implies takes Nigerians to a whole new level. It was launched in 2006. Magic Moment Vodka is top of its category and has good standards. It's one seductive temptation you can't resist. It’s blended with the richest and fruit grains. From reviews, it's said to be the best. Party can't go wrong with these best alcoholic drinks. Other Spirits are Sky Vodka, Grey Goose, etc.

Wine: Luc Belaire Rose

This has taken off in the past year, having been seen in music videos, nightclubs, wedding ceremonies, and birthdays. It became known all over the country because of its high demand. The brand is slightly sweeter compared to ‘’Moel Imperial Rose’’ making it a perfect drink for parties, weddings, etc. This drink is made from ‘’Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault grapes.

Dom Perignon Champagne

In the 1920s, this drink was named after a Benedictine monk who lived in Champagne. The world's most famous champagne so far. Being delicate with floral noted and fruity flavor like Peaches and Lemon. The bouquet sparkles, though delicate. The Champagne also has great depth and complexity.


The best-known member of Malt Family, which includes Ale, Stout, Malt, etc. Made from Malt, Corn, Rice, and Hops, content ranges from 2%-8%.

Heineken Beer:

This drink cannot be left out of the list, it is the power and classical drink of Nigerians. The green bottle having a red star has above 5% alcohol content. It stands out to be the most respected beer in Nigeria. The best alcoholic drinks are refreshing when served chilled.

Guinness Stout:

Guinness stout tops one of the best drinks in Nigeria. it is manufactured by Guinness a high-profile company that started operation in 1962. Most aged men in Nigeria love this drink because the drink is beneficial to the human heart. Yes, cholesterol finds it hard to accumulate in the body with this drink.

Palm Wine:

This is a locally made drink used basically for traditional marriage. During the production, the yeast that is responsible for the fermentation is ‘’microscopic fungi’’ of which are found in the skin of grapes. The reaction effect can last for 10 days.

Few Things to Have in Mind When Choosing Your Best Drinks

  • The brand: When buying alcohol the first thing on your mind is the brand, this is very important because most people prefer different brands; some prefer Gin to Champagne, while others prefer Red wine. Hennessy so far, it's the best brand in the market. Mixing the brands can be advised depending on the occasion.
  • Price: Prices of alcohol vary ranging from low to high; this depends on the brand, quality, and taste. So you are to plan based on your budget in selecting the best alcoholic drinks.
  • Percentage (%) of alcohol: This is the number one thing to look out for when choosing any brand of alcohol. The percentage you will like to go for depends on the event, or what you have in mind. If you want people to get high that means you will go for the higher percentage.

Thus there are 3 types of alcoholic beverages namely; distilled beverages or spirits, fortified beverages or liquor, and liqueur and cream.

  • Distilled Beverages/Spirits. e.g. BRANDY

This drink is obtained from the distilled of a previously fermented beverage (whether fruits, grains, herbs, roots, or sugary plants). Most definitely the question of ‘’how is this process carried?’’ comes up. This brings you to combine the liquid you want to distill to the boiling point that aids separation of the alcohol from the rest of the liquid. Once cold, the alcohol condenses again, and a drink of high alcohol content is gained.

  • Fortified Beverages/ Liquor Wines, e.g. COMMANDARIA WINE, MISTELLE.

This has been fermented and fortified by the addition of wine alcohol. This is done to increase the ABV (Alcohol by Volume) of the best alcoholic drinks. Therefore, making the alcohol present in this type of drink.

  • Liqueur and Cream. e.g. WHISKY LIQUEUR, BAILEYS IRISH CREAM.

Beverages are made by mixing fruits, aromatic spices, and sugar with spirits or cream of milk. The process does vary a lot, but the result is similar. This is one of the broadest classifications as it has liqueur and cream. The most popular or known beverages used are fruits and herbs. Some beverages are of medical effect and purpose, and of which the degree of alcohol varies, as do the drink, no restriction or rules set.

For self-relaxation, functions such as wedding ceremonies, parties, etc. As large numbers of people drink, so is their taste or preference of drinks (alcoholics) based. Wine, Beer, Spirit, Cider, Sake, Perry, Liqueur, all vary in taste, processing, looks, and more. To preserve these drinks, store them in a cold dry place or put them in the fridge.