Kobo Vs Kindle, which one is the best?

Kobo Vs Kindle, which one is the best?


Since Amazon launched its first E-reader in 2007, technological advances and the new features they include have been increasing year after year to make our favorite activity more comfortable: reading where and when we want. Other brands like Kobo have joined these advances and at Shoptize we wonder if it managed to surpass the Amazon fighter. To find out, we will carry out the Kobo Vs Kindle duel, in which we will analyze the characteristics of both so that you do not settle for the second best, only in Shoptize!

How does the Kobo eReader beat the Kindle?

Kobo eReaders combine innovative digital technology and a comfortable reading experience with modern design. With them you can read for longer thanks to its comfortable ergonomic design, the option of landscape mode and the convenient buttons to turn the page. Thanks to the ComfortLight PRO, and its waterproof design, Kobo will allow you to enjoy your books both day and night and anywhere.

Kobo eReaders are ergonomic

The main advantage presented by the Kobo eReader brand is its ergonomic design with buttons. Thanks to this, the new Kobo e-books make it easy to read for long hours while the page turn buttons and portrait / landscape mode allow you to read as you prefer. In addition, the latest models, such as the Kobo Libra, feature a 7 "HD touch screen without glare. The latter allows you to enjoy a pleasant reading in the sun , as if you were reading on paper.

Another advantage that the Kobo brand provides in its latest models is that it does not cause eye fatigue . The adjustable ComfortLight PRO directs illumination towards the screen, while automatically reducing blue light as the day passes to limit eyestrain. Without a doubt, this eReader brand is very well positioned in our Kobo Vs Kindle duel.

Where is the Kindle eReader better?

The new Kindle Oasis features a 7 ”Paperwhite screen, using the latest e-ink technology, and a sleek ergonomic design with page turn buttons. An ideal design for one-handed reading.

Kindle eReaders are highly customizable

The main advantage of Kindle e-books, compared to their rival, is that they have a new customizable screen. This allows you to adjust the shade of the screen, from the classic white light to a warm amber, and to program when you want the light to change. Additionally, the latest Kindle models also have an adaptive front light that automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on lighting conditions.

Another advantage of Amazon eReaders is that they have been designed to resist splashes and can also be submerged without damaging their mechanism. These Kindle have an IPX8 immersion protection of up to 2 meters of fresh water, resisting up to 60 minutes. Models like the Kindle Oasis are highly customizable, as they allow you to adjust the size of the text or the contrast. Plus, they use unique Kindle fonts for maximum readability.

What is our final verdict?

After evaluating the characteristics of both models of electronic books, in Shoptize we have decided to award the first prize to the Kindle eReader. The Amazon brand has many more features than its rival. Among which we can mention: the resolution of the screen, the buttons that facilitate turning the pages, the lighting and the typography that facilitate the reading and the resistance to water.

While it is true that the Kobo brand has launched new ergonomic models on the market, making them more comfortable to carry in our daily lives and easily hold with one hand, it is not enough to compete with the Amazon model.

So far the duel of Kobo Vs Kindle has come. Now that you know which is the best eReader, you can enter Shoptize to find the latest news in electronic books and at the best price. Only on Shoptize!

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